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Emotional support animals provide their humans with therapeutic benefits, including anxiety relief and comfort in social settings, without any requisite training. While all dogs can offer support, certain breeds have traits that make them more likely to excel in the role. They tend to be gentle, laid-back, and sociable. These dog breeds also typically are highly trainable and want to please their humans.

Here are 10 dog breeds to consider if you’re looking for an emotional support animal

Breed Characteristics

These dog breeds tend to include dogs that easily bond with their humans, which is an ideal trait for an emotional support animal. Theyre the type of dog thats in tune with its humans and can read their emotions versus a breed thats more aloof. They respond well to training but dont have the extreme smarts or energy levels that require an owner to put in lots of effort to tire out their dog mentally and physically. And, while theyre confident dogs, theyre generally not aggressive or headstrong.

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