This Dog Is Very Dangerous For Humans…

These 10 Dogs Are Most Dangerous

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10 Most Dangerous Dog
Almost everyone loves dogs. They are man's best friends, and they make us happy. If you've had a pet
dog, you'd know how happy dogs make you. However, all dogs aren't fuzzy, kind and compassionate
There are some dog breeds that are re downright terrifying. They are so terrifying that they scare even
their owners. And today, we'll be taking you on a trip of wonder, discovery and fear.
Today, we'll be taking a good look at the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. The top dog on this
list was actually bred to hunt human beings!
#10 Siberian Husky
The Siberian husky closely resembles a wolf, and that's because they are close relatives of wolves. In
fact, they may the closest living relatives to wolves. But let's leave all that wolf talk. What makes this dog
truly fearful? Why is the Siberian Husky even on this list?
First off, the Siberian Husky looks scary, and this, in turn, makes people scared of it. But what people
don't know is that when dogs see that people are afraid of it, it may awaken the primal animal instinct
their blood.
The Husky was originally bred as a sled dog in northern regions. The dog is strong, extremely agile and
excellent at carrying freights. It has thick coats and a facial mask that comes with extraordinary blue
eyes. Ordinarily, this would make the dog rather beautifuland it is. But once the husky starts snarling,
it's game over. People get scared, and this fear makes the husky even more aggressive.
But this doesn't mean you should be scared of huskies. When trained properly, they are huge bundles of
joy that bring happiness to every family. However, without training, huskies can turn to real monsters
that you wouldn't want anywhere near your home. They can be really malevolent and can be trained by
mischievous characters to even be downright heartless. All this just goes to show that huskies aren't just
big dogs for showthey can really be quite dangerous.
#9 Perro De Presa Canrio
There's a reason you've probably not heard of the Perro De Presa Canrio. There's also a pretty good
reason you most likely don't see this dog about. And the reason is thisthey are mostly used as guard

dogs. Now, this may sound nice. After all, guard dogs guard us against danger and alert us when ever
something terrible is about to happen.
That's true. But you probably didn't know that only extremely aggressive dogs can be trained to be
guard dogs. Only dogs that pose considerable danger to human beings are fit for the role, and the Perro
De Presa Canrio is one of those dogs.
Thankfully, this dog, when properly trained, will never attack first. The dog only gets really aggressive
when it is provoked by others into action. The dog doesn't even attack when it is commanded to.
However, if someone is aggressive towards it, it can take such a person through hell and back. That's
why it's one of the best guard dogs ever.

#8 Great Dane
Great Danes are huge dogs and can reach up to 86 centimetres and can weigh up to 120 pounds. For the
friends and owners of the Great Dane, this may pose no problem. However, for outsiders and
aggressors, this is a huge problem.
If socialised properly from an early age, the Great Dane will pose no problem to others and itself.
However, if its owners botch that very crucial part of its development, it can develop to be something
else entirely. Something so scary that they may even have to be put down.
Considering the fact that Great Danes are one of the largest breeds of dogs, an attack by one can be
fatal, especially if the victim is a younger person or a vulnerable person.
But size isn't the only reason that Great Danes are dangerous. They also have a seriously powerful bite
that can quickly become life-threatening if something isn't done urgently. In fact, experts say that once a
Great Dane displays aggression or biting behaviour, it becomes a huge danger to everyone around it.
Because of its size, weight and potential to become aggressive, this dog can be difficult to control, and
that's why it made this list.

#7 Boxer
A dog breed named Boxer is certainly not going to be the nicest dog breed, right? I mean, we can agree
on that, at least. However, the Boxer isn't just a nice dog. It's also a pretty aggressive and dangerous one
as well. It's so dangerous, that it's the seventh most dangerous dog on this list.

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