Meet the rarest dog breeds in the world. These dogs are very particular.

Here is the list of these strange breeds of dogs

-Tibetan Mastiff
This dog breed is known to be one of the most ancient breeds having been mentioned by figures such as Aristotle or Marco Polo.

-Karelian Bear Dog
Heading off to a colder territory we find this strong mascot, who was initially from the outskirts of Russia and Finland, so it is a dog that adjusts to really low temperatures.

-Catahoula Leopard Dog
Across the sea in the “New Continent”, the United States to be more specific, there’s a remarkable breed that some call a panther because of the spots on its coat…

-Peruvian Inca Orchid
This canine, as its name says, comes from Peru and is considered a national legacy, in spite of the fact that this title was just given to it in the year 2000.

This particular specie, originally from Hungary, is known to be one of the biggest dogs, reaching nearly 3.28 feet in height. In any case, its most remarkable element is its long white coat that forms in strands like ropes or dreadlocks.

In these incredibly peculiar dogs, we also have the Azawakh, an African descent dog used as a hunting sidekick or as a gatekeeper since it has a territorial personality that makes it special for this work.

-Thai Ridgeback
This kind of dog is known for its incredible body, since while its height is the same as an average dog, the muscles are another story since it can even weigh up to 66 pounds.

-Bedlington Terrier
This breed gets its name because of a mining town in England where it was typically a vermin seeker in the mines.

-Carolina Dog
This dog breed is local to the United States and was discovered by an environmentalist in 1970 when it was considered a wild dog, being even called “the American dingo” because of its tremendous similarity to the Australian species.

This dog comes from Malaysia and was considered a town dog by the indigenous people since its fundamental ability was to drive off vermin.

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