The Mudhol Hound is one of the most versatile breed when it comes to naming the breed. You would not have come across any another breed with so many different names. This pure bred Indian breed is a type of sight hound.

As the other hounds that were bred in India, the Mudhol Hound also has a striking resemblance with the Greyhound. This breed thrives on human companionship and is tolerant of other dogs. The only thing that has to be kept in mind with a Mudhol is that he or she might snap at you if you are not known to it and want to touch him. Mudhols are fiercely loyal to their owners and can even attack strangers if they feel that the owner is in danger.

The Mudhol hound is one of the most healthy dogs to have around and do not have any particular health issues attached to it. Their lineage and breeding has made sure that they can combat the Indian weather conditions.

Their loyalty towards the family makes them good guard and watch dogs but there fragile temperament will not see make them a good therapy dog. If you have your heart set on this majestic breed then we will try and help you know the nuances to this lesser known breed and if you are already a proud owner then we will try to help you expect the unexpected.

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