Most Intelligent Dog Breed In The World

Best dog ID tag I have encountered, my advice on labeling

Perfect. Very deep engraving, slips on the collar and fits snug. Like most owners I don’t envision ever losing my dog, but if that situation does arise I would like to be prepared and give myself the best chance at getting her back. With that being said, I have decided after doing some research online to label my tag in the following manner:

Line 1: PET NAME
Line 3: Phone Number
Line 4: Email address

Explanation on a few points:

Dog Name: After doing research online I decided to stick the dogs name. If you’re dog is lost that means someone has already found them, at least giving you the name can hopefully make your dog more comfortable with that person. I personally don’t see how someone having your dog’s name is going to make it easier to steal the dog; in my opinion if they aren’t going to give the dog back they already made that decision. I would suggest researching this online, many people have a lot of advice, experience, and opinions on this issue.

Reward/Microchip: There is nothing better than getting your dog back then to incentivize people and/or deter them from keeping it. Hopefully by saying there is a reward (incentivize to return) and the dog is microchipped (deter them from keeping it), your chances at returning the dog are greater.

Address: I don’t want people to know where I live from the simple point of if they took my dog, they would know where to NEVER go near again. I don’t need people to return my dog to my address, that is why I feel that contact information in phone number and email address are sufficient.

We have used Providence Engraving Aluminum Pet ID Tags for Cat and Dog in the past, but the engraving depth isn’t very deep at all. This resulted in other tags scratching the surface and making it very hard to read.

Most Intelligent Dog Breed In The World
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