Most Dangerous Dog Breeds On Earth

Dogs are known to be very protective of their owners, and these are the most dangerous dog’s that man has ever bread for safety and security! Often working with military, and law enforcement, you wouldn’t want one of these k9’s to bite you!

Dogs may be mans best friends, but they can also be their worst nightmare. If not properly trained, dogs like Mastiffs can reach 250 pounds and refuse to listen to their owners, resulting in aggressive behaviours that can put human life on the line. We can’t always blame the breed, though. Inexperienced owners are usually at fault when it comes to misbehaving canines, especially when it comes to dogs that have been trained in the past to fight, like pitbulls and dobermans.

Some dogs are stronger, faster, and more aggressive. Its in their blood! The Rhodesian Ridgback even earned itself the nicknamelion hunterfor its fearless willingness to go face-to-face with the king of the jungle. Like with these lion dogs, weve mastered training for a lot of strong and athletic dog breeds so they can serve alongside humans as police and military dogs. A dangerous dog can be an asset if its training is done right, which is why the US Armed Forces has a $420,000 annual budget to train canine troops. But sometimes a dog is dangerous just because its stubborn or afraid. If youre going to spend thousands of dollars on these unique breeds, like the Cane Corso or the rare wolf-dog hybrids, you need to be prepared for training that can cost as much as $120 an hour. Here are some of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world, the instincts that make them that way and how proper training can help.

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