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Vital Stats
Size: Large, most adult Golden Retrievers are between 51-61cm, weighing 25-34kg.
Coat: Although thick and resilient, a Golden Retriever’s coat is reasonably easy to clean. Groom at least once a week to keep it in top condition.
Exercise: 2+ hours a day for adult dogs
Life span: 10+ years. Healthy Golden Retrievers can reach 16 or 17
Breed group: Part of the gundogs group, bred to flush out, locate or retrieve game shot down by hunters. They are usually highly trainable, keen to please and have a balanced, pleasant temperament.

Historically developed as gundogs to retrieve downed waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds, the Golden Retriever is a soft-mouthed (won’t mangle the game while returning it) breed of dog with a natural affinity towards water. Of medium to large size, the Golden Retriever possesses a dense inner coat that provides the dog with warmth and a water repellent outer coat that lies flat against the body. The official color of the breed is varying shades of gold. The Golden Retriever is a highly intelligent breed that is commonly used to fulfill a wide variety of both working and helping roles in modern society. They can be found in use as hearing dogs for the deaf, guide dogs for the blind, search and rescue dogs, contraband detection dogs, drug dogs and in basically any other role requiring a loyal, intelligent, highly trainable and gentle breed of dog.


The hallmark of the breed, their natural intelligence when combined with their friendly, reliable, and trustworthy personality has made them one of the most popular and versatile dog breeds in existence today; a loving breed that is loyal to its family and its master till the end. Golden Retrievers are however, not one person or velcro dogs and will typically be equally sociable with those they know and those they have just met. This never met a stranger personality and trusting, gentle disposition means that they typically make very poor guard dogs, as they do not have any inclination to bite or attack ; a trait that was purposely bred out of them. However, as an intelligent and alert breed of dog with a deep throaty bark they have been known to make good watchdogs and more often than not will sound the alarm to let you know someone is around.

Also a breed renowned for being excellent with children of all ages, Golden Retrievers are patient and loving; while not being prone to bouts of aggression as the result of being tugged on. pulled on or otherwise manhandled by youngsters. However, as with ALL breeds of dog it is up to the parents to ensure that play between larger dogs and smaller children is closely supervised to prevent the dog from acting out if it is placed in a situation where it feels it is being hurt and/or needs to defend itself.

Considered to be easy trainable for their intelligence and eagerness to please; Golden Retrievers are quick to grasp concepts during training. As such training sessions should be kept short and entertaining so as the dog does not become bored or lose interest. A Golden Retriever will tire of performing exceptionally monotonous commands without a break or injection of fun. A warm hearted and willing breed there is no need to be overly harsh or dominating during training, as these methods are unnecessary, out of proportion to the breed of dog being trained and will create a dog that is unwilling to perform, mistrustful or hand shy of its owners.

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