Buying a PET DOG in CHINA it’s weird to shop FAKE BREED dogs

Dog shopping in China ia really not that easy. Language is a big problem and not knowing breeds of dogs can make it more tricky.

Myself and my friend called Heini went out in Xi’an to search a suitable dog for him and his newly wed wife.We spend 4 hours deciding wit dog will be the new family member. After a 1530 RMB and telephone calls we finally made up our minds.

We finally bought a labrador what a catch and deal that was.Thanks for choosing my videos and many better ones to come stay tuned guys.Show the love and share me.

Gear : Canon 70 D , Rode mic and tripods NO DRONE AGAIN LOL
Music : Epidemic sound
Money spend : 1500 RMB for a dog , 80 RMB for a round trip with a taxi and 10 RMB for awesome cold coke.
City : Xi’an China

Next video : Will not be about dogs or animals
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