10 Best Dogs for People Who Work Full Time

10 Best Dog Breeds for Someone Who Works All Day

If you work outside the home but still want a fur baby to thoroughly lavish attention on, you may wonder what the best dog is for leaving home alone. Of course, you don’t want to keep your pup in solitude, but if you’re a working person and no one is home most of the day, choosing the right dog can make a big difference. Choosing the best dog for a single working person ensures you and your fur baby struggle a little less because the dog is better suited for spending time alone for hours without your presence.

1 – Bullmastiff
2 – Basset Hound
3 – Pug
4 – Bull Terrier
5 – Chow Chow
6 – Miniature Schnauzer
7 – Beagle
8 – Peekapoo
9 – Lhasa Apso
10 – Golden Retriever

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